“I am having excellent results with my night eye. The other night I was watching a fox at just over 200 yards as plain as watching it in the daytime. A shame I only had the air gun with me or it would have been good night Mr fox.”

1ivantaylor - youtube.com

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“Me and a friend bought one of these each, they are brill.  It has sorted my rat problem out down at my small holding, and the  rabbits don’t like it  either. Top item, cheers”

Robert Fay - youtube.com

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Digital night vision camera systems, at prices you can afford.

Night-eye offers the highest quality night vision camera systems on the market today. Being vermin controllers ourselves, we know the challenges you face when it comes to taking care of pesky critters like rats, fox, and feral pigeons. So we’ve developed our system to be lightweight, easy to fit, and more importantly affordable. We only use the highest quality components, and don’t leave you lugging around dated lead acid batteries.

Our system uses the latest in Li-Ion technology, weighing in at a measly 200 grams. You can easily slide this into a top pocket and spend the whole night taking care of your pests, literally!

All systems include; 3.5” LCD colour displays, one scope tube, Li-Ion 6800MaH battery (extra batteries optional), Day/Night camera, fully adjustable IR illuminator, and 12 months warranty. No frills, no fancy packaging and no nonsense!

This is the best quality system on the market today, our product reviews tell you everything you need to know about the capabilities of the Night-Eye 500.